Gardner Zuk Dessen

Chartered Accountants

We do our utmost to provide our clients with value oriented professional services in an atmosphere of friendship and respect.

Understanding our clients' businesses is OUR business.

  • We provide professional tax, accounting and advisory services to a variety of companies.
  • We are service oriented. Our mandate is to provide our clients with our opinions and best judgment on a timely basis. Our role is to both identify and be forthcoming with creative solutions to all issues that impact our clients' businesses and families from a wealth management perspective. Such issues may arise in financial accounting, financing, administration, corporate structure, corporate, personal and estate income tax planning, strategic business planning and any other related issues for which we may be of assistance.
  • We encourage continued contact with our clients during the course of the year so that we can maintain an understanding of the events and issues facing their businesses on a timely basis in order to best serve our clients, which ultimately keeps all our organizations strong and growing.
  • Gardner Zuk Dessen
  • 265 Rimrock Road, Suite 205
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • M3J 3C6
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  • Telephone 416.631.9800
  • Fax 416.631.9183
  • Email info [at]